Monday, May 4, 2009

Contest! Contest!

So it was decided last night by people powerful enough to decide such things (read: Genny, Katelyn, and ME) that the term "chocolate bunny" is far(t) more suitable a name for a sex act than it is for the popular Easter confectionery.

I put it to you then, dear readers, to come up with the specifics of this act. We're inventing history, here.

Be filthy. Ludicrously so. This shit aint no Cleveland Steamer, 'ya hear? Submit responses as a comment.

The winner gets a chocolate bunny.


simone said...

best i could come up with:
someone eating out your butthole while you're doing a handstand (so you're legs are like their giant bunny ears, get it?)

simone said...

cathleen's-- two guys do someone in the ass at the same time, then they stick their dicks in the air above the person's head afterwards.

simone said...

lara's--taking a shit on a playboy bunny