Wednesday, November 11, 2009


...tomorrow. Today, meanwhile, was another wet one. I spent most of it in/around the library, reluctantly making copies of online articles, hunting for books, conversing with this one dumb lug who always has to be way too nice to me, drinking far too much coffee, and then peeing a proportionate amount of times. Oh, and then during workshop for my Kidd tutorial program we made this 31-year-old lady cry about her piece. She wouldn't stop. For over an hour. It was rough to watch. Must have been even worse to be her.

And now I'm back at home. It's 11:45 pm. I'm spending most of my time at/around my desk, reluctantly making copies of online articles, hunting for the ones I printed out earlier, typing a post for this one dumb blog that I always have to be way too behind on, drinking far too much water, and then later (I'm sure) peeing a disproportionate amount of times for it being the middle of the night.

But my bag is packed! And I know where I'm going! Which is just about enough to pull me through the next 16-ish hours. Turns out I've got a room all to myself Thursday evening at New York-New York, while Sean and the rest of his friends stay further down the strip at Treasure Island. The parents don't even show up until Friday. What the hell kind of trouble am I going to get myself into alone in Vegas for a night? The right kind, hopefully.

Except that hopefully isn't a word, because one literally can't be 'full of hope' as a descriptor for the way they want something to turn out. Kind of like how "decimate" actually refers to splitting something into ten pieces, and not blowing it to smithereens.

This is me being a barrel of knowledge. Don't we all love it?

all: "Yes, AJ, we love it!"

Very good.

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