Monday, January 18, 2010

And the Powerhouse Needs His Sleep

... Is what I've decided to title one of my books if I ever write more than one, which is the laughably unrealistic scenario that the phrase "one of my books" implies. 2010, it seems, is also known as the Year For Embracing Brutal Honesties. Anyway, the above hypothetical title applies just as aptly to this past week of my life as it does to the book I'll never write, so who wants to hear about the last seven days, instead?

All: we all do, AJ!
Me: Yay!

First of all, I took the miserable state of my existence last week [see: previous blog post] a little too seriously and ended up not only finding a single-room apartment for rent, but then touring it, signing a lease, convincing Chris to take over my room in this pit, reserving a U-Haul, stealing cutlery from my parents house during the Bend trip this weekend, and raiding the kitchen here for appropriate pots, pans, and plates while no one else was home. I'm moving out tomorrow afternoon: it's 17th and High for me! From what I could tell during the walk-through, my new home is a sweet little place that, when I'm done with it, will be alternately labeled as "Swanky" and/or "Classy" by those of my friends who see fit to argue over appropriately charming adjectives used for describing the lesser components of my existence.

Second-of-ly, I finally successfully saw Avatar for a second time. Thoughts: I was a lot more okay with the story line this time around. Certain elements also made more sense [SPOILER ALERT!], such as Jake traveling for nearly six years in a cryogenically frozen state to reach Pandora (as evidenced in the opening scene where everyone is too busy ogling over the 3D to pay any attention to what's happening story-wise) and him NOT, in fact, dying at film's end (I'm blaming these scenes' original 3 am screening time for my rather extreme misinterpretation of Jake's fate).

James Cameron also revealed in a recent interview that during the editing process left specific scenes and sections of dialogue intact just so the eventual sequel would make sense, which had me searching for material worthy of extrapolation. What I've got is this: 1) Some serious shit had to go down on Earth for aliens to not only be accepted as real, but for us to then build spaceships capable of traveling millions of light years to the nearest (?) inhabited planet. 2) Pandora is a big place... and there are other tribes. Civil War? 3) Suppose another alien race also decides they need Pandora's precious metals? 4) Avatar 2: Na'vi on Earth. Just saying.

Also, is it okay to be attracted to these creatures? I'm not saying I am... I just want the opinion of someone who's a little less enamored with these Blue Gods-of-War than the Average Joe with a predilection for alien erotica might be. (And who, by the way, has every right. Every right.) James Cameron knows what sells. Sex sells, my friends... and $500 million domestic doesn't lie.

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