Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Count Myself...

among the luckiest of individuals. And I'm so glad my personality seems to have escaped that bear-trap of a vice known as psychopathy. Or whatever. I'm not trying to invite a slew of close reading into the above sentence; it's just something I'm increasingly thanking my Lucky Charms for, and I thought I'd share. Life is fartooshort to spend any moment of it being anything but glad for where you're at and excited for where you could potentially be a few thousand - or a few hundred thousand - breaths down the road. A fine line divides all of us from that crazy bitch the next window over, the one who spends her days shouting hoarsely to a host of acquaintances that abandoned her for sunnier dispositions. If any of you see me heading down her path, please immediately do something drastic.

Otherwise, San Francisco is melting under a heat wave's wrath, the movie Catfish is definitely at least worth a rental a few months from now, Folsom Street Fair was all kinds of crazy, and my uoregon email account subtly deactivated itself a month ago, so you can now only get a hold of me via gmail.

Message for the address!

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