Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back to the Drawing Boards

My Plan:

1) Stop entertaining any notion of taking the job with Collectors Weekly. If I'd wanted it, I would have jumped at it immediately. On a related note, it wasn't a good move on their part to have me spend the entire first trial day writing about glass.
2) Don't move to Portland... yet. Portland will still be there in January - and Oregon's mountains will have snow fit for boarding by then, too.
3) Spend the time between now and Christmas really trying to find something exciting here in SF that pays well. I understand this will be difficult, as hiring during the holidays is gauche. Plus, nothing super awesome has worked out so far - but that's okay, because I really feel like I've focused my interests and aspirations in the past few weeks, and that's going to help the hunt.
4) If nothing surfaces, head to Portland. Snowboard, drink staggeringly exceptional beer, hang out with all my best friends, and continue pursuing a dream career.
5) Or freak and move to Paris.

I'm feeling good about this one, people. Let's hear it for defeating indecision!

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eilean said...

I like it!!