Sunday, June 21, 2009

Three Things...

...My roommate Stephen (a custodian) has (unintentionally) done this week to sabotage Disneyland's established goals of creating magic (presented in order of increasing chaos):

- Letting go of a massive dumpster as soon as he got backstage, then watching it roll downhill into a tunnel and plow over a Mickey who was walking to Fantasyland to sign autographs.

- Throwing a cigarette into a trash bin, which then started a trash fire, which then necessitated the Anaheim fire department's aid. Said aid vehicle then got a flat tire, which necessitated another fire truck to take its place, all of which caused a large crowd and some amount of panic.

- Pulling up massive amounts of green tape off of Main Street, which had been placed there specifically to delineate the afternoon's parade route, and causing half the floats to run into the sidewalk/each other/performers, which forced the parade to stop prematurely.

Needless to say, all other custodians are ashamed.

And I'm very, very impressed.

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Eilean said...

Custodian is a "CP" job? Even the crappiest of CritterLand or whatever it is sounds like a dream. Nothing personal, One of the Stephens.