Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"X Conference" full of XXXX!

As my one avid reader may recall from a blurb posted in late April, the annual "X Conference," consisting of a panel of UFO researchers and aficionados, was held and recorded live by on the morning of April 20th. The researchers declared they held proof that our world's governments were in contact with extraterrestrials, and that the Obama Administration had until the end of May to admit to the public what was going on or else they'd be taking the information elsewhere (possibly to the French, but exactly how or why remained vague).

Anyway, I'm posting now to state the obvious: these people did NOT live up to their word, and I'm very disappointed. It's June 10th, and I want me some aliens! The level of embarrassment involved for all "X Conference" attendees right now must be through the roof. I mean, they seemed pretty adamant about what was going on. How much longer do they think they can keep making annual declarations before the public just stops paying attention? Poor show, guys. Seriously.

^^This is what a room full of fools looks like.^^

I promise this: next time these crackpots hold a public forum, they won't convince me... again. Unless it's held on the morning of April 20th... again.

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simone said...

seriously. they embarassed themselves, and me for telling everyone i knew about it. this post was hilarious.