Monday, July 23, 2012

The Weekend, in 10 Bullets

  • Went to Something and watched drag queens act out performance art pieces / dance numbers. 
  • Climbed onto a rooftop.
  • Got home at 2:15 am, ordered GrubHub.
  • Watched Peggy Sue Got Married until 4:15 am, when GrubHub finally showed up. 
  • Decided to be all "productive" by going to the hardware store and buying a soap dish. 
  • Hooked my friend Joe on LOST (essentially re-hooking myself). 
  • Woke up at 10 am Sunday, then fell back asleep and woke up at 1 pm.
  • Developed a mid/high-level crush on a robot in Dolores Park. 
  • Watched Serial Mom (Kathleen Turner was all over the place this weekend). 
  • Stayed up til 3 am for no reason, knowing full well I had work this morning. 

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