Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Saturday Night!

And the term is over. I successfully spent the past three weekends in: Vegas (a composed level of crazy), Portland (a seriously out-of-control level of crazy), and Bend (where absolutely the only thing out of control was the amount of food I ate). Otherwise, not much has gone on. I settled avidly into a strict wake-up/coffee/class/library/ gym/food/more-library routine that, while not providing many (read: any) memorable instances, certainly made the time pass.

A note on the seasons in Eugene this year: they've been exquisite! I think we've had, like, maybe nine days of rain in total. The rest have been either absolutely sunny or foggy, with little (read: no) in-between. My grades this term have in no way reflected this trend, so I figured it would be appropriate to talk about them in the same paragraph. Never before have I done so mediocrely! We'll have to see if I end up on top... I'd like to think it's a possibility, but at this point I just can't be sure.

Awesome movie to see: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Awesome book to read: The Devil in the White City

Awesome TV show to watch Online via Netflix: Party Down!

**Apparently I'm a bit behind the times on 2/3 of these "awesomes," so bear with me if any/all of them are old news.

Also, I was writing the first part of this post from beside our house's fireplace (the only nice feature of the entire place), and Chris walked in with some friends. He asked what I was doing, and I replied, "blogging."

To that, he responded, "Oh cool! I didn't know you blog. But I hope you're not writing about how we just rearranged our living room furniture, because that would be, like, the lamest thing to blog about ever."

So now I'm blogging about how we rearranged our living room furniture. I think the whole thing is pretty unpleasing from the perspective of any sort of aesthetic standard (much like the various empty beer bottles Chris - in a stroke of "genius" - previously positioned in a jagged line over the mantel of the fireplace), but who am I to shit on someone's style?

After my only final exam this Tuesday, I'm flying back down to Anaheim to hang out with all the people I left behind in the Disney College Program. It's going to be a good time. I can't believe I'm headed back. I'll finally get to experience the Nightmare Before Christmas-ified Haunted Mansion! Bah!

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