Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clarity (specifically, a particular moment therein)

After my panic of a post yesterday, I decided it actually isn't too unrealistic to establish some goals for myself this year. Maybe we can all just think of it as a nine-month-long version of Lent, except for I'm actually doing it to better myself and not just make chocolate bunnies on Easter taste really good. And I'm kind of setting these mandates myself, as opposed to following the fancies of some guy who lived 2,000+ years ago and is sending me to hell anyway.

That all being said, my updating this blog DAILY is one such resolution. That's right, folks, DAILY.

Of course, at some point - and in the throes of laziness - I'll probably just post a hyperlink to some dumb LOST article or another... but not all the time! So check back soon! Check back often! Watch me crash and burn! Say, "Wheeeee!" with me!