Friday, September 25, 2009

Failure! Already!

So I realized last night when I signed in to my blog at two am that I'd already let a day go by without posting (even though, in my opinion - and as long as you haven't already fallen asleep - two am on Friday should always count as really late on Thursday). I even had this funny plan to just copy and paste a blog post from My New Zealand Thing and headline it as "On This Day In History...," because I actually did post an entry last year on September 24th. Genius, no?

But whatever. Nobody's perfect... except for usually I am.

I spent the morning working on a story at Cafe Roma, which I can already tell is turning into some kind of sick tradition. If I'm gonna torture myself daily, though, it might as well be at a really good coffee shop, right?

Then I bought course books at the Duckstore... all two of them for Fall Term. That's right, folks, a total of TWO MEASLY BOOKS are assigned for all FIVE CLASSES I'm enrolled in. I don't think I need to let you know that as an English/Journalism major who's also interested in Creative Writing, I usually end up schlepping more than my fair share. What's the deal, here? Should I feel gypped? [also: did anyone know that 'gypped' is the proper way to spell 'gypped'? I had my suspicions, but was also rooting strongly for 'jipped' until I looked it up. I guess the whole derivation of the word as a negative connotation with Gypsies really comes into play here.]

Oh, that's right, THIS is the deal: I only need two books because I'm gonna spend so much freaking time writing! Senior year apparently means you're beyond the point of reading other people's crap and have reached the threshold of needing to produce your own. Terrifying...

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simone said...

are those poodles, AJ? what is this crap? just kidding. glad you're blogging daily.