Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chucked Out!

So classes began yesterday, and today I was kicked out of the graduate seminar that I've been super excited for ever since last year. Apparently, the creative writing department frowns on undergrad students taking classes with graduate students who also happen to be that student's teacher during the upcoming school year. It was a giant mess, and I'm more than a little disappointed - that 607 class was my ticket to highest education, man! - but everything else seems awesome so far, which is spectacular.

Otherwise, I'm failing at updating this thing every day. I have no defense, aside from most of the time what I've got to say isn't worthy of recording. Also, the first week of school each year, in general, tends to leave me feeling rather pessimistic and hopeless. It's a malady that usually subsides by week three, but until then I don't feel like spreading what I've got. Stay away, patient readers, and take heed: playful spooks will materialize only if you remain safely seated with your hands and arms inside your doombuggy at all times.

Okay, that last bit I stole from the Haunted Mansion. Sue me, or a ghost will follow you home!

Alright, that too.

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